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Modern Essentials Handbook | 10th Edition (Engels)

€ 29,95

Modern Essentials Handbook | 10th Edition (Engels)

€ 29,95

Title: Modern Essentials Handbook | 10th Edition

Publication: September 2018

Publisher: Aromatools

ISBN: 9781937702892

Binding: Softcover

Dimensions: 17 x 23 cm

Pages: 383


The Modern Essentials Handbook is the leading essential oil guide for the use of essential oils within your family or practice. The 10th edition (September 2018) is completely in English!

Do you want to start using essential oils, but don't know where to start? Have you already used some oils and do you want to make more use of them in your daily life? In the Modern Essentials Handbook you can discover how you can get a healthier life and a more natural lifestyle by using the essential oils. The strength of this book is in the clear reference manual, so that you can quickly and easily consult all information about which essential oils can be used in hundreds of health situations.

In the book you will find an introduction to the essential oils and the basic knowledge behind their therapeutic use. You will also receive the most recent information about essential oils, with ample attention to the compositions, and solutions to your complaints and renewing your health. Organized by condition, the book helps you to find the best remedy for every situation. In addition, you will find recipes, tips and ideas in the book so that you can easily integrate the oils into your daily life.

New in the 10th Edition:

  • Updated with new oils and products that were released in 2018.
  • Now with dōTERRA product names.
  • Quick start introduction with educational photos, charts and graphs.
  • With application overview of individual oils and blends.